The Little Giggler: Stacked Flower Headband

Stacked Flower Headband By The Little Giggler

Hey everyone!  I made a new headband for the little giggler.  I found this yellow striped fabric and I had to get it.  Did you notice the little giggler’s bangs?  It’s her first time having bangs.  I was so nervous to cut them, but I think they turned out so cute!  
Now, on to the crafting!
Here’s what I used:
One felt square
Printed fabric
Plain Fabric
Heat n Bond Lite
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Flower Stencil
Hot Glue & Gun
Here’s how I used it:
First, I made three flower shaped stencils using my cricut.
Then, I traced my stencils onto the Heat Bond Lite.
Next, I placed the Heat n Bond on the wrong side of the fabric and ironed for two seconds.  
I waited until it cooled, then cut out my flower.  
So, I had three flowers with the paper still on the back.
I cut two felt flowers using the largest stencil.
Staring with the largest flower.  I removed the paper backing and placed it on one of the felt flowers.
Then, I ironed for six seconds to attach the flower to the felt.
Next, I peeled of the backing on my medium flower and ironed it to the striped flower.
Finally, I ironed on my smallest flower.  
Before I sewed the edges I trimmed off any felt that was visible from the front.  Here’s what I used on the edges.
I stitched around the edges.
 I tied my knots on the back side.
Next, I measured my elastic and sewed the ends together.  Then I used hot glue to attach it to the felt.
I grabbed my other felt flower and hot glued it directly on top.
Finally, I hot glued a cute button on the front.
What do you think?
I made two of these.  One for the giggler and one for YOU (if you win). I’m having a giveaway this Friday to celebrate all my new followers.  You guys ROCK!  I’ll also be giving away another headband made by your’s truly.  So don’t forget to stop by on Friday for all the details.  See you then.  🙂
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