The Little Giggler: Batman Party (with cape tutorial)

Batman Party (with cape tutorial)

Da na na na na na na BATMAN!!
Made you sing :)A couple weeks ago my friend asked me to help out with her son’s 5th birthday party.  He wanted a Batman theme. (Awesome)  She’d seen some cute super hero ideas on Pinterest and asked me if I could make some Batman capes.  Of course I said yes!And seventeen little bat boy and bat girl capes were born.
I didn’t take step by step pictures for this tutorial because it’s super easy.Here’s what you need:Black Fabric- 25 1/2 inches tall by 22 1/2 inches wide
Yellow or Pink Felt for Oval
Black Felt for Bat
35 inches of 1/4inch Grosgrain Ribbon
ThreadStart by printing out the bat graphic (it’s at the bottom of this page) on letter sized cardstock.  You’ll need to print two copies.  Cut out the oval on one and cut out the bat on the other.  Use your bat stencil to cut a bat out of the black felt.  Then cut your yellow or pink felt using the oval stencil.  Sew the bat to the oval.

Next, take your black fabric and serge around the perimeter.  If you don’t have a serger, just add an extra inch to your fabric all around and hem.  Fold the top over 1 inch and sew a casing for the ribbon.  Measure 4 inches down from the top of the cape and center the bat.  Attach the bat to the cape by sewing around the oval.

Using a safety pin, pull the ribbon through the casing.  Allow 14 inches of ribbon to stick out on both sides and sew into place.  The middle will be scrunched up.  Singe the ends of the ribbon or apply fray check to prevent fraying.  You’re done!

Don’t they look so cute!? The little ones were over the top cute!  Especially when they did they pinata.  A-DOR-A-BLE!

I also made a special Batman Cape for the birthday boy.  It was inspired by this post.  I love how it turned out!  He loved it too!  🙂

I found a great template for the masks here at Blog 5 to 9.  I used felt for mine. She used foam.  They both look cute!

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