Why The Little Giggler?

If you have always dreamed of becoming a Maker – breathing life into designs that used to only live in your imagination – then you’ve come to the right place!

The Little Giggler isn’t just a resource for folks that want to dive headfirst into the world of crafting, fashion, clothing, sewing, and creating.

It’s a dream factory, where you’re able to share all you know about making your dreams come true with other like-minded people dedicated to pulling off the same thing.

When we created The Little Giggler we knew that community was going to be a huge piece of the puzzle to our success.

You just can’t create something that special alone!

We also recognize that the world has been crying out for communities like this, designed around real creation of tangible, physical things, and hope to play at least some small part in changing the fabric of our world.

We are glad that you have found us here at The Little Giggler.

We hope you’ll make this your new creativity home, not only checking out all the resources and involve we are sharing (and regularly uploading) but that will also share your own stories, your own creations, and your own experience here as well.

The Little Giggler

Our Story

Our story is a little unique, in that we were a bit “late to the game” when it came to learning about sewing, crafting, and creating.

Unlike some of our other contributors, we were not creating “right out of the cradle” – it took us a little bit of time to get into this hobby, to get really passionate about being able to craft, and to find ourselves in this amazing community.

But we can tell you that as soon as we found our way in we jumped into the deep end with both feet and haven’t looked back for a single moment!

When we aren’t spending time developing new content for The Little Giggler we are experimenting with different projects, researching the history of this great craft community, and finding new ways to share all that we have discovered with you.

You better believe that we are going to continue to grow and develop this The Little Giggler platform, adding new content, new guidance, and new resources as often as humanly possible.

Our vision has always been to make this that the ultimate “one-stop shop” kind of community for information, news, and resources for folks serious about selling, DIY crafting, fashion, homemade clothing, alterations, and more.

If any of that is interesting or excites you, we think you have found a new home online here at The Little Giggler!

Our Mission

Because we are so passionate about sewing and crafting, we have made it our mission to turn something a lot of folks think of as inaccessible or difficult to get started with into something accessible to anyone and everyone with a bit of imagination and can-do attitude!

Looking to really level the playing field (of sorts), we are doing everything we can to make sure that our occasional and training resources on sewing, DIY, crafting, and clothing creation are as simple and as straightforward to get started with as possible – all while introducing more advanced, more challenging, and more technical components, too.

The bottom line is this – we want The Little Giggler to be the number one destination online for those looking to get started in the world of crafting or those that have been crafting for their entire lives to come and find new projects, new techniques, and new information to help them breathe life into their imagination.

Yes, you’ll need a couple of tools some fabric to get started with.

But more importantly you’ll need to fully embrace your creativity and your imagination. If you’re willing to pair that with the resources and training we provide the sky really is the limit with all that you’ll be able to create!

A lot of the projects that we share here at The Little Giggler are designed to be customized, modified, and altered as well.

Think of these projects as “training wheels” to help you better master the fundamentals of sewing and crafting. Once you have these basics down, you can really let your imagination go wild and use these technical skills to create anything and everything you can come up with.

We are all about giving real freedom in the crafting world here at The Little Giggler!

Our Promise

We make a couple of promises to our community members when they visit us here:

First, you’re going to find a community that is open, welcoming, and friendly to anyone and everyone with an interest and passion for the world of crafting.

If you are brand-new to selling and creating, have been in the game for use and years, want to alter some of your favorite clothes or are hoping to start a business with the skills you learn – or something else entirely – you’ll be welcomed with open arms here at The Little Giggler.

Secondly, you’re going to find a community filled with energy, focused on fun and excitement, but also a deep library of resources that you’ll be able to pull from today, tomorrow, and years into the future.

All of the projects that we share here at The Little Giggler are designed to help you grow your skills and abilities as a sewer or as a crafter.

We want you to be able to take these skills forward on every project that you do from here on out (whether it’s one of ours or something else entirely), and hope that you’ll look back fondly on the time you spent here at The Little Giggler.

We also promise that you are going to feel comfortable, that you are going to feel at home, and that you are never going to feel pressure when asking questions, making comments, or sharing information with our community.

While we are the folks behind the The Little Giggler platform we really want this to feel like a community home more than anything else.

We might help to steer the conversations in certain directions, might encourage different topics to be brought up different points in time, and are always going to do our level best to get people excited about crafting and sewing, but our community is going to have a huge impact on what The Little Giggler becomes moving forward.

What Is This Website About?

The Little Giggler is ALL about the crafting world and creating things from patterns and projects as well as from your dreams and your imagination.

We really want to make The Little Giggler the ultimate destination for the sewing and crafting community, regardless of whether or not you’re looking to do this as a fun hobby or to make a little bit of money as a side hustle – or even to make this your full-time gig moving forward.

All of our resources are totally open to the public, are available for anyone and everyone to use and enjoy, and are designed to help foster a real sense of community.

Too often we find that online platforms designed to bring people together really end up making people feel more disconnected than ever before.

That’s the last thing we want The Little Giggler to become.

Instead, we want this to be a place where your crafty dreams can take flight – where you can share your ideas, your creations, your plans and your projects (as well as all of your knowledge) with a community that is fully in support of what you’re looking to do.

Sure, there are going to be a lot of tutorials, a lot of resources, and a lot of “educational contact” found on The Little Giggler. But all of that is published in hopes of creating conversations, in hopes of building relationships, and in hopes of helping people feel more connected through crafting than they might right now.

What It Is That We Do

If it has absolutely ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the world of sewing, with the world of creating, and with the world of crafting the chances are pretty good that we are going to cover it here!

A lot of other platforms like to dip their toe into the water of that these kinds of topics without really fully committed, but that isn’t going to be an issue here.

Everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) published on the The Little Giggler platform is going to have something to do with sewing projects, DIY projects, crafting, fashion and clothing creation or alterations, or something else that helps you learn how to turn your dreams into real, tangible things.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn your way around a sewing machine or a needle and thread, whether that’s to alter your own stuff, create gifts for someone else, or turn your imagination into a side income, this is the place to be!

What Topics Do We Love?

There are a couple of topics that we are particularly passionate about here at The Little Giggler, including:

New sewing projects – We love to hear about new things people are creating, new ways people are using their sewing equipment, and new ways to put interesting twists on older projects, patterns, or templates

New crafting equipment – The crafting community is filled top to bottom with very creative individuals (no surprise there), and a lot of them are coming up with new and exciting tools, equipment, and technologies to make crafting more accessible

Crafting news – We love to cover news about companies offering new and exciting fabrics or materials, or anything else that has an impact on our ability to create the projects about dreams

Fashion – Fashion plays a big part in what we do here at The Little Giggler, especially when it comes to DIY or homemade fashion where people are transforming their look to better conform with their style in a way that “off the rack” designers never could

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If there’s anything you need sewing community that you’d like us to cover or spend a little more time on, don’t be shy about kicking us the note.


Let us know what you’d like to see The Little Giggler cover and will do everything we can to make that happen!

What This Website Is Not

This website and the The Little Giggler platform is NOT going to be a place that feels exclusionary or walled off.

We want to make sure that everyone here feels welcome, everyone here feels like they are a part of our community, and that everyone here is on the same side – looking to become a better creator and crafter than they were before they arrive.

The Little Giggler is also NOT going to become a site that has anything to do with topics unrelated to the world of creating, crafting, and sewing.

There are a lot of websites out there that focus on anything and everything you could imagine, and we have zero interest whatsoever in The Little Giggler becoming a “catchall” site.

This is a creative space first and foremost but it’s a dedicated community to the world sewing, fashion, and crafting above all else.

We ask that all of our visitors stick to our core values and our overall focus when here.

Why Should We Learn Sewing?

There are only about a million and one reasons to learn how to sew, how to craft, and how to create, but the biggest reason we are seeing so much interest in this kind of hobby right now has to do with the accessibility of creation tools and technology.

Before, you had to really know your way around sewing fundamentals, templates, and only had access to a handful of different materials to work with.

Today, however, nothing could be further from the truth.

All the tools, all the technology, and all the materials you could ever want to create with our more available and accessible than ever before.

Combine that with other tools (like 3D printers, for example) that open up a world of crafting and creativity never before possible and it’s not hard to see why so many are flocking to this hobby on a daily basis.

If you’re here to learn how to create just to have an outlet for your imagination, we welcome you with open arms!

If you’d also like to learn how to craft, sew, and create to offer other people (either as a side parcel or a full-blown business) we’re glad you’re here as well!

Welcome to The Little Giggler!

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