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With marketplaces like Etsy, platforms like Shopify, and customers all over the world looking for more “one-of-a-kind” fashion pieces than ever before, there’s never been a better time than right now to set up an embroidery home business.

At the same time, finding the best embroidery machine for home business purposes can be a whole lot harder than most people expect.

For starters, there are more embroidery for home operation machines out there today their maybe ever before. Worse, all of them promise to offer the best possible results – and the best features – than anything else you could spend your money on.

Secondly, it’s not every day that people go shopping for a new professional embroidery machine.

Even if they know (mostly) what they’d like to get out of this piece of equipment there are plenty of things first time home embroidery operators are probably overlooking – things that even the best embroidery equipment doesn’t necessarily advertise right out-of-the-box.

But that’s why we have put together this detailed guide.

Using the inside info below, you’ll know exactly how to get your hands on the best sewing machine for home businesses that want to offer custom embroidery options.

You’ll know how to sift through the different needle embroidery machine choices, whether or not remote computer screen capabilities are important, the value of finding a multi needle embroidery machine set up and so much more.

Ready to get into this?

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Our Five Favorite Embroidery Machine for Home Business Options


Finding the best embroidery machines to help you build and grow your memory craft for home embroidery business doesn’t have to be an uphill battle any longer.

Below we breakdown five of our favorite options, the kind of machine choices that give you plenty of embroidery designs to play around with, generous embroidery hoop sizes to work on all different kinds of projects, and a home machine that gives you flexibility and versatility to bounce from computerized sewing to embroidering and back again with no difficulty at all.

Here are our top picks!

Best Choice

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 138 Designs, 240 Built-in Stitches, Computerized, 5

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1. Brother Sewing Machine CS6000i

A really fantastic little set up, most people find this Brother sewing and embroidery machine to be one of the best values for the money – and it’s impossible to argue with that kind of mentality.

Super lightweight, elegantly designed, and built to handle pretty much anything you throw at it, this combination embroidery and sewing machine is going to make quick work of most any embroidery project that you try and tackle.

Capable of working with the thinnest of materials as well as really thick fabrics, there isn’t much that’s going to slow this Brother embroidery machine unit down.

The overall usability of this set up is also pretty impressive. A lot of people find its LCD screen clear and easy to read, even if it isn’t the biggest screen on the planet – and the overall control scheme is really elegantly designed, too.

Affordability is a huge piece of the puzzle behind the success of this embroidery machine.

You don’t need to spend a pile of money on a new embroidery machine for your small business (especially if you’re starting off really small with a home business), especially when there are options like this available to take advantage of.

The types of stitching options you’ll have a chance to pick from helps to separate this embroidery machine from the rest of the pack a little bit, too.

We are talking about 60 individual sewing stitches (including 20 decorative stitches, six heirloom stitches, and seven quilting stitches), number of them that are designed to work really well with embroidery projects.

The amount of needles that this unit has is going to hold back your production a little bit, though, at least from an embroidery standpoint. The 850 stitch per minute capability slows down a little bit when you throw it into “embroidery mode”, though the slowdown isn’t all that significant or severe.

All in all, though there are plenty of other entry-level and beginner embroidery machines out there to pick and choose from it’s really hard to be upset with everything this Brother has on display.


  • Super simple and straightforward to use
  • Embroidery settings are robust and easy to navigate
  • The hoop size is decent
  • The amount of stitch options is staggering, especially if you want to use this for sewing as well
  • You can even do a bit of quilting with this embroidery machine, too!
  • Getting the system into embroidery loan takes a little bit of getting used to at first
  • The foot pedal system on this Brother unit can be really sensitive and finicky


Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, 80 Designs, 103 Built-In Stitches, Computerized, 4

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2. Brother Sewing Machine GX37

A relatively new entry into the world of embroidery machine options (having only been first released back in 2019), this is another super flexible, super easy to use, and very reliable system for home business operators.

To kick things off, every beginner is going to love the fact that these embroidery machines include a “free arm” that makes tackling this craft a lot easier right out of the gate.

This free arm allows someone to maneuver and navigate smaller pieces of fabric and smaller projects that you might be embroidering, all without the kind of headache and hassle that machines lacking this add-on would bring to the table.

37 on board stitches (and a number of built-in embroidery designs) allow you to play around with different textures, different aesthetics, and different styles of embroidering that you might not have been able to experiment with otherwise.

The automatic needle threader does a lot of the heavy lifting for folks that aren’t interested at all in threading needles (which is everybody), eliminating a lot of stress and headache in this department, too.

Of course, we can’t forget about the LED work light that makes embroidering a lot easier as well. When you’re able to see everything that you’re working on you’re able to get the best embroidery results possible – and that’s going to help you boost your business and your bottom line for sure.

Quickset bobbin capabilities are a nice bonus, multiple feed dog points helps to give you a lot more control, and the foot pedal system is a joy to use as well. You’ll be able to do some of your best embroidery work with this machine, but you’ll also be able to do a lot of stitching with it as well.

Combine all of that with the 850 stitches per minute count on this machine and it’s a bit of a no-brainer, especially if you are a beginner looking for great embroidery machines for home based businesses.



  • Definitely one of the more feature-rich options you’ll find on the market today
  • Made by Brother, responsible for some of the best embroidery machines money can buy
  • Plenty of different stitch variations to experiment with different embroidery design
  • A number of built in embroidery designs, too
  • An automatic needle threader that eliminates a lot of headache and hassle
  • The price is a little on the steeper side of things
  • Somewhat easy to use, but not necessarily the easiest to use on the market today
Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

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3. Singer 4423 Sewing Machine

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Singer would make one of the best embroidery machine options for small business owners money can buy.

Absolutely fantastic from top to bottom, this is one of those dream machine embroidery that also does double duty as a top-notch sewing machine – giving you a lot of flexibility and a lot of utility that some of the other choices out there don’t deliver.

To kick things off, this has to be one of the most easy to use embroidery machine for small business options you’ll find anywhere under the sun.

Singer has really been able to engineer incredibly capable pieces of equipment that are almost foolishly easy to use, especially with their pioneering features like the automatic needle threader, thread cutter, and thread management systems.

Running your home based business with this embroidery machine in the back bedroom becomes a whole lot easier, that’s for sure!

The amount of built in stitches is a little lower on this Singer than it is with other options (there are only 23 stitches to choose from, compared to 60 or more from some of the other commercial embroidery machines on this list) – but don’t let that dissuade you.

While you may not be able to do some of the more obscure embroidery stitches other machines can produce, you are going to be able to output 1100 stitches per minute – far more than any other machine on this breakdown.

That extra production is going to pay off big time when you are running a home based embroidery outfit.

Combine all of that with a number of monogramming fonts that you can work with, a really generous embroidery area, and an LED light system that helps you pay close attention to your work and you definitely need to give this Singer closer consideration.


  • Essentially a Singer 4432 “on steroids”
  • Very strong, with an easy to take advantage of work space and work area
  • Overbuilt thread cutter and multi needle positioning system
  • Heavy-duty power plant engineered to work with thicker fabrics, more complex embroidery area projects, and thicker threads
  • The built in stitches count is a little low
  • You’re paying a premium for a commercial embroidery machine that really only shines when using thicker materials
Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine, 138 Built-in Designs, 5

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4. Singer Heavy Duty 4432

Very similar to the machine for your home based embroidery business mentioned just a moment ago, except a little more stout and a little more capable when working on multi needle projects, working on a larger embroidery area, or using thick materials on your embroidery hoop, there’s a lot to like with this Heavy Duty version of the Singer 4432.

The overall amount of features you’ll find on the “standard” Singer 4432 are also on full display here, with the major upgrade being the heavy duty motor that can really plow through thick fabrics or embroidered with thicker threads.

The automatic thread cutter is a little more robust to handle that kind of material, too – and so is the automatic needle threader.

As far as the overall embroidery area goes, this single needle machine position set up as the same basic workable footprint as the standard 4432.

You’re also going to get 23 built in stitches on this machine, a very limited amount of built in embroidery designs to pick and choose from, and a needle embroidery machine that does a little bit better job of sewing than it does embroidering – if only because it is so powerful.

The output of 1100 stitches per minute remains the same with this Heavy Duty version, though. So the embroidery speed and production output is critically important (and it should be) you’re definitely going to want to lean on this equipment to help you grow your home based business.


  • Has an almost unbelievable amount of accessories and options to take advantage of
  • Really easy to extend and customize with accessories, add-ons, and snap-on options
  • • Generous workspace is really easy to maneuver
  • Automatic threading system and cutting system intelligently designed
  • 225 Stitch library is pretty decent
  • 900 stitch per minute speed is lightning fast
  • Priced outside of most beginner budgets
  • Sometimes has “random stitches” interjected into a run of stitches you selected
  • Stitch customizing (multiple different stitches rolled out in a run) can be difficult to program at first


Bernette 79

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5. Singer Start 1304

If you are looking for an entry-level embroidery machine that isn’t going to break your bank account, the kinds of embroidery machines that are simple to use, quite effective, and relatively compact, you need look no further than the Singer Start.

Giving you an opportunity to craft pretty much anything you can imagine (for the most part), most people starting out a new small embroidery business aren’t ever going to find this machine to be limiting.

No, it isn’t going to feature a huge embroidery loop, it doesn’t have a multi needle machine set up, and feature for feature it’s a bit of a “lightweight” even compared to some of the other machine choices on this list – but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best needle embroidery machine choices you could go with.

For newbies, the fact that this set up only has six different stitches to work with makes it one of the best embroidery machines because it dramatically simplifies things across the board.

There’s just not going to be the kind of complexity you’ll find with home embroidery business machines that have 30, 40, or 50 stitches on board to use while embroidering!

On top of that, the control scheme on this home embroidery machine is really straightforward and intuitive.

There aren’t a lot of buttons to play around with, there aren’t a lot of knobs to twist and dial, and there aren’t a lot of components or features that you’re going to feel lost using.

The work area is pretty generous (with a built-in free arm that works very well), and the included LED work light makes it really easy to see what you are trying to craft.

At the end of the day, this embroidery sewing machine isn’t quite as stunning in the feature department as some of the other choices – before the money (and for beginners looking to get their feet wet in the embroidery world) it’s hard to pass up what this embroidery machine offers.


  • Really lightweight and portable
  • Super effortless to use
  • Simplify the embroidering method considerably
  • Still a Singer, with that legendary reputation for durability and reliability
  • Definitely lacks some of the “cool” features and embroidery designs other options have on board
  • No built in memory to speak up
  • Zero computerized embroidery machine components

How to Buy the Best Embroidery Machine for Home Business Operators

Now that you have a better idea of our five favorite sewing and embroidery machine options on the market today, it’s time to dig a little bit deeper and get into the features that make these embroidery machine choices so much better than everything else out there right now.

Designed for the Items You’re Going to Be Working On Most Often

For starters, the machine for home business choices we highlighted earlier in this guide are all designed around giving you the utmost flexibility when it comes time to actually embroider.

Believe it or not, a lot of the “top options” on a lot of other lists of sewing and embroidery machine choices have very limited flexibility – and that’s always going to limit your output when you are running a home business.

The last thing you want to do is take a custom order and then later have to contact your customer, telling them that you just don’t have the equipment hand to complete it successfully.

They always want a refund and you’ll not only be out the money that sale would have brought in, but you’ll be out all that extra time and your reputation will take a hit, too.

Luckily, all five of the options we broke down earlier are really easy to use and have extreme flexibility when you’re looking to create something custom on all kinds of items, fabrics, and materials.



Hoop Size is Key

The hoop size on your new embroidery machine is going to make a world of difference, too.

A lot of less expensive options promise the moon and the stars when it comes to bells and whistles, but when you pop that kind of machine for home business open you find a very limited hoop.

Limited hoop sizes are going to make it next to impossible to do any real precision embroidery, and that’s going to limit the kinds of services you can offer and the types of customers you get, too.

A monogram might only need a 4 x 4 inch poop set up to be effective. But if you’re looking to do larger embroidered projects (like the back of a sweatshirt, for example) you’re going to need something a lot larger and a lot more substantial.

A big piece of the puzzle here for finding the best embroidery machine (from a hoop size perspective, anyway) for your needs is establishing the kinds of projects you’re likely going to be taking on moving forward.

The size of those projects will dictate the size of the hoop, though it’s always a good idea to go a little “overboard” just to make sure that your embroidery machine is ready to rock ‘n’ roll should a big custom order come down the line.


LCD Screen Should Be Crystal Clear and Easy to Read

The LCD screen on your embroidery machine is going to play a huge role in how easy your equipment is to use.

The LCD screen not only needs to be crystal clear and vivid in all lighting conditions (especially the average lighting set up you have wherever your home business is established), but it also needs to be generously size and easy to understand at a glance, too.

Far too often, otherwise fantastic embroidery machines set up for home business purposes are hindered by the LCD screen that they have built right in.

Avoid those issues at all costs by making this a focal point of what you look for before pulling the trigger on a machine for home business purposes and you’ll be good to go!


High Needle Count and Stitch Per Minute Output

Everyone in the world of business knows that “time is money”, but small businesses in particular need to take advantage of every drop of leverage and time saving opportunities to maximize their output and profitability.

When you are buying embroidery machines for home business purposes you’re going to want to fixate on the needle count and the kind of stitch per minute output that these machines produce.

Regardless of whether or not you plan on sewing a bunch of small projects every now and again, using your embroidery machine as kind of a side hustle, or are looking to replace your full-time income with everything your embroidery machine pulls off, output is king.

The more needles you have the higher stitch per minute output you’re likely to enjoy, and that means you’re going to be able to get big projects done fast and small projects done even faster.

When your production increases your profitability increases as well, and you’ll have much happier customers, too.

Zero in on needle count and stitch output per minute when buying a sewing and embroidery machine for sure.



Easy to Maintain and Service

Obviously, you are going to be responsible for the heavy lifting of maintaining and servicing your sewing and embroidery machine set up when you are running a home business.

And unless you want to spend a mountain of time, energy, and effort working on your equipment you’re going to want to get your hands on a machine that almost takes care of itself.

A lot of the best embroidery and sewing machine choices we highlighted above are really easy to maintain and service.

You don’t have to babysit them aside from regular cleanings and routine maintenance (for the most part), and all of them have plenty of YouTube videos out there for maintenance and servicing, too.

This is a big part of getting a quality machine that far too many people overlook.

Don’t let that happen to you!


Reliable with a Great Warranty

Lastly, the very best embroidery machine for home business purposes will always be the most reliable and consistent setup that just keeps chugging along.

Try to find embroidery machines for home business purposes that are rock solid, reliable, and obviously built for the long haul. Top brands (like the five we mentioned earlier) always have great warranties and track records for reliability you know you can trust.

This equipment is an investment in your home business, but it’s also an investment in your financial future.

Make sure that you aren’t ever shortchanging yourself by going with machines that are only going to let you down.


Final Verdict

While there are some machine choices in our list above that have more features (like a lot of built in memory, a bigger embroidery field, or different craft specific add-ons and options), nothing is as much the “total package” for home business owners looking to get a quality machine the way the Brother Sewing Machine CS6000i is.

Loaded top to bottom with the kinds of features that help you increase your production without compromising your results (leading to increased profitability along the way), this is as impressive a machine as you’ll find right now.

Very few of the features built into this Brother machine are going to be ignored by a small business owner looking to make it in the custom embroidery industry.

You’ll have occasion and opportunity to tap into most (if not all) of the cool features the Brother provides – especially when it comes to the different designs and stitch options you can use any embroidery field.

Combine all of that with the reliability and durability of Brother machines (some of the best in the world) and this becomes a little bit of a no-brainer.

If there is a better machine than this one for starting your business with, we haven’t found it yet.

Check out the Brother Sewing Machine CS6000i – you’re going to love it!



With so many options out there, you probably have a few questions. I will do my best to answer your most pressing concerns:

Related Buying Guide: Computerized Sewing Machine

While it's impossible to tell you just how profitable your embroidery business can be without knowing about your specific situation, we can tell you that the embroidery business in general is booming - and the opportunity to make a very profitable operation definitely exists.

Obviously, you'll need to spend a little bit of money to get the right machine to make money in the embroidery business. But as long as you square that away - and get your marketing right - the sky really is the limit.

There are lots of people out there making six figures a year (totally replacing their old full-time income) running and embroidery business from their back bedroom.

What's stopping you from doing the exact same thing?


There are a couple of reasons to think about starting and embroidery business, including:

• The ability to be really creative with your own custom embroidery designs

• The chance to be your own boss, set your own hours, and really dictate your own schedule

• The chance to connect with like-minded individuals in the sewing and embroidery community, creating lasting friendships and relationships

... And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Combine all of this with the fact that you can start up your own home embroidery business for next to nothing (outside of the cost of a decent embroidery machine, a website, and some marketing materials) and this is a bit of a no-brainer if you are particularly crafty.


There are a couple of different fabrics that are popular within the embroidery community, including:

• Even weave fabrics that have a tight, even weave kind of look that add a lot of texture and a lot of visual interest

• Aida cloth, especially popular with folks that like to cross stitch

• Hardanger fabrics, best used when you're running counted thread techniques on your projects

• Toweling, giving you a cool vintage and retro look with very modern materials

• Ready-To-Embroider materials, basically anything that comes right off the assembly line ready to be embroidered and customized


Believe it or not, you can do some rudimentary embroidery with a traditional sewing machine if you're willing to kind of fight it every step of the way - but it can be done!

If you are running a home business in 2021 that focuses on embroidery projects, though, you're going to want a machine set up to handle this kind of workload.

You don't necessarily need one of the best commercial machine options tucked in your back bedroom (or taking up your entire garage), but you'll need something with decently high output and embroidery ready features on board.

Though nobody can tell you whether or not your hard-earned money was well spent on something like a computerized sewing machine, it's not hard to have a look around at the internet and see that most people that made this purchase are glowingly positive about it.

The odds are good that if you're seriously considering upping your game with a computerized sewing machine you'll never regret the decision to take the plunge and get your hands on a quality option!


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