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Finding the best ironing board isn’t always as simple or straightforward as most think it’s going to be.

To the naked eye, one ironing board may look just like every other – but when you look a little closer and focus on the kinds of features only the best ironing boards have, you start to realize pretty quickly just how unique they can be.

If you’re looking to make quick work of your time spent ironing, the right ironing board makes all the difference!

Below we dig into not just what to look for in the best ironing surface, but we also cover five of the top options you’ll want to seriously consider spending your money on.

Let’s get right into it!

Our Five Favorite Ironing Boards


We know how tough it can be to sift through all of the ironing board choices out there.

There are dozens and dozens of options (enough to make anyone’s head spin), and more being added to the market every day.

But that’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting to bring you the five choices below.

Each of them are great examples of what a top ironing board should be. Not all of them are high dollar options, either (though a couple do come with price tags you might not be expecting if you haven’t bought a really good board in the past).

Start your search for a new ironing board with these five, though, and you’ll get guaranteed to get one that you’ll be (really) happy with!

Best Choice

Homz ironing board t-leg sky blue

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1. HOMZ Ironing Board

Measuring 53” x 13”, and featuring a perforated steel top or steel mesh with a smooth cotton cover and a polyurethane foam protective layer, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever doing your ironing (from the left or right side) when you use this ironing board.

A little light on “frills”, everything about this unit is built with function first in mind.

The legs themselves are totally collapsible, helping this unit foldaway totally for easy storage. You won’t have to find places to hide this ironing board!

At the bottom of those legs are nonskid feet, locking the ironing board into place while you are working with it, regardless of the kind of floor surface material you are doing your ironing on. Tile, wood, or carpet – it makes no difference, this ironing board stays in place!

The adjustable nature of this ironing board also allows you to raise or lower the actual ironing surface itself (up to 35 inches tall) to get into exactly the right position for you.

If you’d like to iron with it a little lower you’ll have the chance to do that, and if you want to bring it all the way up to 35 inches tall you can go in that direction, too. You are in total control of how this ironing platform sits when you go to use it.

Made 100% USA, taking advantage of high quality construction materials across the board, the warranty on this ironing board is top-tier, too.

Durable steel construction materials are used throughout, zero toxic chemicals find their way into the ironing cover, and an intelligently designed iron rest position makes this unit really safe to use.

Combine that with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 450°F and you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to flammability risks.

  • Made from incredibly durable structural steel that remains lightweight thanks to its tubular design
  • Manufactured 100% in the United States by the only company making ironing boards US
  • Zero toxic chemicals used throughout the ironing cover
  • Oversized usable workspace compared to other options
  • Easy to move up and down (and safety lock into place)
  • Cover is filled with 1/8 inch of foam padding
  • Some find this table a little wobbly when fully extended
  • Single support doesn’t always lock into place at first
  • Legs really need to be locked into position before you start ironing
  • Some QC issues may result in a work surface that isn’t totally flat


Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board with Retractable Iron Rest

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2. Honey-Can-Do Tabletop Ironing Board

A fantastic budget based ironing board cover for those that just don’t want to spend a mountain of money, this unit is pretty well-made, very sturdy, and one of the more attractive options out there on the market – even if it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.

The board itself is made out of thick particleboard interior which definitely helps to keep weight down, though it isn’t quite as durable or as reliable as ironing boards made with steel materials or aluminum.

The work surface on this ironing board measures just 12” x 32” (and it doesn’t have an iron rest). That makes it one of the smaller work surfaces on our list of recommended options, but it’s great for compact spaces or tight spots where you can’t accommodate a full-sized unit.

Truth be told, this particular option is often best used as a wall-mounted ironing board – something that’s tough to pull off with wide ironing board options like the ones we mentioned a moment ago.

If board size isn’t your number one criteria (and not everyone needs a huge ironing surface to work with) there’s a lot to fall in love with when it comes to this option.

The padding is relatively thick (1/8 inch padded form made of polyurethane inside of a board cover made of cotton) and does a great job at dissipating heat.

There are board covers out there that are a little slicker and allow your iron to kind of glide across, but those boards usually cost quite a bit more than the price point here – and you’ll still be able to get the job done with this unit compared to a standard ironing board, that’s for sure.

  • Can be used as a tabletop ironing board or as a wall-mounted option
  • Super compact, won’t take up a lot of storage space in your laundry room
  • Board cover is pretty thick compared to other compact options available
  • One of the real simple ironing board options that won’t break your bank account
  • Definitely has a smaller work surface and isn’t quite as accommodating to larger items that need to be ironed
  • Lacks a dedicated iron holder/iron rest/iron board
  • Will require extra hardware for wall mounting, if you decide to go in that direction
  • Some questions about overall durability over the long haul
HOMZ 4750209 Premium Heavy Duty Ironing Board, 54

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3. HOMZ Premium Heavy Duty Ironing Board

Not at all an ironing board that could be described as “compact”, you’ll want to be sure that you have plenty of extra space in your laundry room to take advantage of this beast.

At the same time, with its 54” x 14” work surface, there just aren’t a lot of other ironing board options out there that can give you this much room to work with large items.

If you need a lot of ironing space (something you pick up with a little bit of ironing experience) this is going to be the right for you.

What’s really impressive about this ironing board, though, is that even though it is so tall it remains so stable and so workable.

The whole unit can be adjusted up to a board height of 40.5 inches (one of the tallest workable heights on the market), but can be dropped quite a bit lower than that as well to accommodate a variety of different ironing positions.

The heavy duty rectangular leg system made out of structural steel and tubular components guarantees a fit and finish you will find with flimsier units. Made 100% in the USA, this is as well-made an ironing board as you’re going to find – but it’s definitely not a budget option, that’s for sure.

The board covers are almost half an inch thick (providing extra cushion when you are working your materials) and are interchangeable with one another. You can pick them up in different colors and different patterns, adding the right covers to fit your interior decor for aesthetic – and all of them are totally heat reflective!

Add in the multi year warranty and the reputation this brand has and it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

  • Perfect for large items that need a bit of extra attention
  • Oversized workspace with stretched system and shoulder wings built-in for even more room
  • Built-in iron holder and iron rest area, heat resistant up to 150°F
  • Even protects against steam generator iron that cranked all the way up
  • Smooth, wrinkle free, nonstick cotton cover allows your iron to glide over whatever you’re working with
  • Adjustable height is easy to dial in and safety lock guarantees it stays in position
  • Board size guarantees you’ll need plenty of storage space in your laundry area
  • Not the lightest weight options money can buy
  • Really designed with large items in mind as opposed to smaller garments
  • Definitely not an ironing board described as a budget option
Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board, 48

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4. Minky Homecare Ergo Plus Ironing Board

If you are after a high-end ironing board with a generous workspace (48” x 15”), as well as one that looks like it could ironing clothes on Mars with its slick, modern aesthetic, then you need look no further than this option from Mink.

This adjustable height ironing board is plenty comfortable to use, with many considering it to be one of the very best standalone and wall mounted ironing board options money can buy.

Not only can you configure its adjustable height up to 37 inches tall, but you’ll also be able to drop that down to 24 inches high (if you’d like) without much trouble at all.

Mounting this on the wall does require a little bit of creativity and some extra hardware, but it can be done if you are looking for space saving opportunities.

The cotton cover on this ironing board features “prozone” technology that introduces a heat reflective metallic material into the cotton board cover. That does a fantastic job at introducing extra heat dispersion that allows you to iron more efficiently without having to worry about roasting your cover at the same time!

Super easy to store and foldaway (regardless of whether or not you’re using it in a wall-mounted setup or as a standalone ironing board), everything about this unit is high-end across the board and super easy to use.

  • Very well-made, featuring a generous size work surface area to iron on
  • Proprietary cover material features infusion of reflective metallic components to evenly distribute heat
  • Built-in shoulder wings, stretch system, and iron rest guarantee you get all the “creature features” you’re looking for with this unit
  • Rocksolid safety lock secures the legs into position when you have adjusted the height to your specific dimensions, with integrated child safety lock protecting against accidents
  • A little bit on the pricey side of things
  • Some flexibility even when fully locked into place
  • Made in the United Kingdom, which makes leveraging the five year warranty a challenge at times
  • Board cover thick padding does feel a little thin compared to other ironing boards


STORAGE MANIAC Tabletop Ironing Board with Folding Legs, Extra Wide Countertop Ironing Board with Cotton Cover, Portable Mini Ironing Board for Sewing, Craft Room, Household, Dorm

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5. Storage Maniac Tabletop Ironing Board

A great example of what extra wide ironing boards should be (especially of the tabletop variety), this compact but still super usable ironing board measures in at 23” x 14” – providing that extra width to tackle larger items and garments with no trouble.

This unit is very much a space saver, folding up and storing away even inside of cabinets or pantries when you don’t have a lot of room for a full-size ironing board.

The board itself features a very sturdy frame (made out of tubular steel), and because it doesn’t adjust and because it doesn’t attached to the wall you don’t have to worry about wiggling or wobbling here.

The 100% cotton board cover is fully removable and machine washable, and it’s filled with a generous pad of felt to avoid any heat distribution problem areas that other materials can bring to the table.

Ironing clothes on this ironing board is never going to feel like a chore, especially since it’s so lightweight, easy to deploy, and easy to iron on.

If you’re looking for a quality tabletop board that isn’t going to break your bank account, something you’ll actually enjoy using your iron with on all your clothes, sheets, towels, or anything else that needs to be iron, this is going to be the ironing board for you!

  • This ironing board features a wider profile than most compact, tabletop setups
  • Very solid, very stable, and lacks all the wiggle and wobble of adjustable height units
  • The size accommodates pretty much all of the clothes you’d like to iron but is compact enough for easy storage
  • Larger garments or items you’d like to iron on this board will have to be done piecemeal because of its relatively short stature
  • You’ll have to find a countertop or table that you are comfortable sticking this on top of
  • The felt cover doesn’t dissipate or evenly distribute heat quite as efficiently as other ironing board options

How to Buy the Best Ironing Board in 2021

Though every ironing board is functionally identical to every other (they’re used for the exact same thing across the board), how they are built, what they are made out of, and the features they include can make or break your experience ironing.

A smartly designed collapsible tabletop ironing board, for example, is going to be a dream to use compared to a slapped together “sawhorse” style option.

Add into the mix real “comfort features” like a dedicated iron rest, an extra wide ironing board, and quilted material to dissipate heat (just as examples) and you might actually come to enjoy the time you spend ironing!

In this detailed section we are going to go over what you should be looking for most in a new ironing board.

You’ll have plenty of options to pick from on the market today and we highlight five of the best ironing boards just a moment. There are so many choices out there that it’s not hard to get overwhelmed.

Use this breakdown of top ironing board features to inform your decision and you’ll be able to sift through the almost unlimited amount of options very quickly.

Ready to jump in?

Form Factor

Perhaps the most important thing you need to focus on when buying a new ironing board is the form factor of the board itself.

There is a significant difference between a freestanding board, a compact board, or a built-in ironing board.

Let’s run through your options now.


Freestanding (sometimes called portable ironing boards) options are particularly popular if you have a bit of extra space.

These are usually made of sturdy materials, with a wide, comfortable top with plenty of room to work with. They usually have built-in iron rest features that improve the utility of the boards, too.

Just make sure you get an ironing board that has height adjustment options.

All the best ones do, and they let you tinker with the positioning of the ironing board so that it is customizable comfortable for you use.


Compact ironing boards (sometimes called tabletop ironing boards) usually have really short legs and are engineered to work on a table or countertop space.

Perfect for those living in smaller homes or apartments without a lot of workable space for a full-size, freestanding unit, you get almost all of the same utility in a much more condensed form factor.

The only real downside here is most of these compact ironing boards are large enough to fit your entire garment on without having to work in individual areas.


These kinds of boards are almost always attached to the back of your laundry room door, making them easy to fold them and deploy when you need to do a bit of ironing and then fold up when you don’t need them any longer.

You just need to be sure that the mounting system is strong and sturdy enough to support your garments and the force you’re applying while ironing. A flimsy built-in ironing board won’t get the job done.

Useable Surface Area

The next thing you need to think about is the amount of usable surface area you’ll have to work with on your new board.

Standard sized ironing boards have surfaces that are around 14” x 48”, though some of the bigger ironing boards offer even more usable space – going as large as 19” x 56”.

Compact units are (obviously) going to be significant smaller.

If you do have to sacrifice workspace, sacrifice the length of the ironing board before you sacrifice with. It’s a lot easier to work with a wider ironing board than a longer one.

Cover Material

The cover material used on your ironing board also makes a world of difference.

Not only is the cover material going to provide a bit of extra padding and a smoother surface to work with, but it’s also going to make the actual ironing process a lot safer and more efficient.

You don’t necessarily need a “nonstick” surface to work with, but you will want something that completely covers mounting hardware, screws, nuts, or bolts – or anything else that your garment can get hung up on.

As a general rule, the thicker the cover material the more comfortable (and more efficient) your ironing process is going to be.

Try and get your hands on a board with material that is at least one inch thick (if not even thicker).

Working Height

The best full-size ironing board is going to be completely adjustable, usually with a maximum workable height of between 37 inches and 38 inches (or just a little bit taller than the average height for most countertops).

Obviously, the adjustability makes them easier to use for folks that are little bit shorter, folks that want to iron when they are sitting down, or folks that find it more comfortable to iron while slightly bent.

A tabletop ironing board is going to have significantly shorter legs, sometimes just a few inches tall. Just make sure that the working height works for you before you pull the trigger on that kind of board!

Dedicated Iron Resting Area

The best ironing boards are going to include a dedicated iron resting area, especially for steam iron options that are always going to bottom pretty hot.

A steam iron rest area allows you to position your iron away from your garment and away from your board cover, protecting them from the heat and potential fire hazards without having to turn your iron off.

You don’t necessarily need a dedicated iron rest, but a lot of the best tabletop and traditional options include retractable iron rest configurations that really increases the usability of these boards.

A retractable iron rest is a huge space saving bonus, too!


Even for household essentials like an ironing board, most of us don’t want to have huge pieces of furniture for semi-appliances like this cluttering up the place!

The last thing anyone wants is for their ironing board surface to get in the way of everything else in their laundry room. You’ll want dedicated iron space to work with for sure, but a foldaway ironing board that offers easy storage options is always going to be preferred over those that take a lot of real estate.

Definitely look for the best ironing board for the space you are going to be working in, but also think about choosing a board that stows away in a closet or tucked in the corner somewhere, too.

Final Verdict

Though you really can’t go wrong ironing your clothes on any of the boards that we highlighted above, one of them definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack – and that has to be the Minky Ergo ironing board.

Loaded top to bottom with all the cool features you’d like (including stretcher system, retractable shoulder wing, a rest for your iron, and the right size workspace), the real standout feature here has to be the unique heat reflective board cover you won’t find anywhere else.

Impregnating the cotton interior of this board cover with metal heat reflective components allows for a more even distribution of your iron heat throughout your clothes and products that you are ironing in the first place.

That’s going to result in a much more efficient ironing process, much better results with your clothes and garments/products you are ironing, and definitely makes this the “smartest” board cover of them all for sure.

If you’re going to buy just one ironing board moving forward, it’s not a bad idea to go with the Minky for sure.

You won’t be disappointed!


With so many options out there, you probably have a few questions concerning sewing machines. I do my best to answer your most pressing concerns:

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A couple of different things make an freestanding ironing board a treat to use, helping to separate top options from the rest of the pack.

First, you want a board with a larger workable surface area.

You don’t need something that is impossible to store when not in use or laughably large when folded out, but you do want something that has room to work with.

Having to constantly move and reposition the things you’re ironing just because you cant get it all done in one-shot because of a smaller surface is always annoying.

Secondly, look for an small ironing board with adjustable height features (if not a tablet top unit).

This lets you move the work surface up or down to find something comfortable for you height. Being able to dial your work surface in is a game changer.

Finally, the cover material you choose is a big deal.

Look for cotton materials that are light and “slippery” so that the things you’re ironing glide around without getting stuck.

But also look for materials that have plenty of padding (and maybe even heat reflective material) to distribute your iron’s higher temps evenly – that’ll avoid burns and scorching.

It makes a world of difference!

A quality ironing board is going to make this chore a lot easier to knock out, and knock out faster, too.

With a board setup that your enjoy using (and one that’s easy to stow when not in use) you won’t dread ironing anymore.

You may never come to “love” this chore – it’s still a chore, after all – but you won’t look for reasons not to iron anymore, that’s for sure!

Our top pick, the Minky Ergo ironing board, is not just the best ironing board to buy in the UK – it’s the best ironing board to buy anywhere on the planet.

Lightweight, strong, stable, durable, and built with incredible heat distribution features throughout, this is as good as it gets when you want to make the time you spend ironing enjoyable.

Available in the US, the UK, and almost anywhere else ironing boards can be ordered (especially online), you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this household essential with just a little bit of digging.

And believe us – this brabantia ironing board is so good (and so much better than the other options out there) it’s worth digging for!

Other options (from brands like HOMZ, Honey-Can-Do, Brabantia and ADDIS) are worth considering, too – but really only if you are finding it impossible to track down a Minky.

That’s the way to go when you have the chance!


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